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What kind of performance can be regarded as a high-quality synchronous precision gear?
2021-12-10 10:20:47

High precision of synchronous precision gears: precision directly affects the quality of products, especially mechatronics products. Its technical performance, process level and functions are greatly improved compared with ordinary mechanical products. Therefore, the high precision of mechatronics mechanical systems is Its first requirement.

What kind of performance do high-quality synchronous precision gears have?

Synchronous precision gear fast response: that is, the time interval between receiving an instruction and starting to execute the task specified by the mechanical system is required to be short, so that the control system can issue instructions in a timely manner according to the operating state information of the mechanical system to make it complete accurately Task.

Convenience of installation of synchronous precision gear: When installing the synchronous wheel, the center distance should be shortened, the tension wheel should be relaxed, and the synchronous belt should not be forced to be loaded from the side of the synchronous belt wheel by hard pulling and grinding. When disassembling, operate in a similar way. During the installation and use of the synchronous wheel, avoid overload, over-tightening, over-looseness, non-parallel timing of the timing pulley, and insufficient width of the timing pulley. In particular, the parallelism between the driving wheel and the driven wheel should be adjusted, otherwise the timing belt should be in the width direction. The uneven tension will affect the service life of the timing belt or cause the failure of the timing belt, which is similar to the requirements of gear transmission and chain transmission.

The good stability of the synchronous precision gear: that is, the working performance of the mechanical system is not affected by the external environment, and the anti-interference ability is strong. Synchronous belt is a transmission part with the advantages of chain, gear and triangle belt. Because the timing belt is a transmission part with the advantages of chain, gear and triangle belt.